Adele – Hello (Based on a Song)

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Based on a Song #1

The song:

The anticipation and enthusiasm never die. I could tell you things about how I’ve learnt and I’ve grown, but that would be a lie. I still stare at the phone and wait. It’s funny, because I don’t need to stare. I don’t need to look, at all. It’s a phone, and I’ll know when it rings. It’s never on silent. Yet, still, I stare and I wait. I wait for a phone call that will never come, even though I believe that it might. I hope that it will.

It’s kind of ironic, because that is one of the things that annoyed her most. Looking back, I never would have imagined that this is the thing about her that I would remember so vividly. You know, when someone does or says something, and you think that it’s so unimportant. I always shrugged…

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