Sweet Sunday Morning

There comes a time in life when you feel like starting over. Maybe not for everyone but it does for me. Maybe not for all areas of my life but I am thinking for most areas.

It is within these areas of beginning again that I learn from my past.

Sometimes the need for letting go of certain things or changing old habits and looking to the next moment is all that is required.

Habits have developed overtime, mostly without even knowing. Some good some not so good.

The power is in starting fresh and how I see myself. Most importantly to me is how God sees me.

I have attempted many times to simply begin and somehow in the middle I loose focus.

I know my possibilities are endless and it matters not how old I am, how much money I have or do not have and what my situation maybe. What matters is that I need to take this opportunity and simply begin.

This blog is about my personal growth. Balancing my life. It will involve the art of patience and the act of doing. There is something to be said about exposing your life to the world. A bit scary but at the same time I think it will make me accountable.  This is my life and where I am in the middle of it, what I want to change and I will record the steps that I take to do so.

It is also about my thoughts and feelings on life, past and present. How I see the world and my reflection on these things as I see them. Mainly based through the eyes.

Blessed Sunday to you all


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