Regret…..regret of missed opportunities, of missed pleasures…frustration at the unfairness of it, torture a man..keep him running, keep him from breathing, he cannot accept a world where his desire is not met, it is unbearable.

The universe does not give you what you want,
because it wants you to grow into something larger. You have an idea in your head
‘I will marry this girl. I will have this job.
Everything will be perfect’ You don’t get the girl..or you don’t get the job.. You are forced to broaden your concept of who you are, of what life is supposed to be. You are stretched in every direction. How much the stretching is torture, and how much it is an adventure, depends on your ability to not resist. How much effort it takes to not do anything! Because it is so against your habbit.

This is a path I’ve chose and I’ll admit it hasn’t gone the way I’ve planed but surely something has to give, I can only take life as it comes.